Endangered Ranger

What do the likes of "David Attenborough" have to say about one of South Australia's rarest species?

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Endangered Ranger?

Investment in the South Australian environment has been on a severe decline in recent years, and the funding cuts are set to continue after 2014.

Already there are so few Park Rangers funded to care for our national parks and marine parks. They're fast becoming as endangered as many of the plants and animals they are trying to protect

The alarming fall in spending has a direct impact on the our natural places and wildlife. Last year's report card on the State of the Environment showed that 90 per cent of all indicators were in a poor or very poor state. The warning signs are clear.

That is why we are calling on our political leaders to increase efforts to protect and restore our environment.

Funding our Environment is Investing in our Future.


Please join the movement for South Australia's environment.

 This film is a partnership by Conservation Council SA, The Wilderness Society SA, and
Nature Conservation Society SA.


We would like to thank Natural Perspectives films for producing 'Endangered Ranger' : www.naturalperspectives.com.au


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  • Leanne Rathbone
    commented 2014-02-02 13:10:08 +1030
    I am shocked to have a very glossy (expensive) document outlining how to submit an expression of interest to manage ALL visitor facilities at Innes National Park, including the ranger houses. If a place like Innes is considered to not need rangers, I am not sure where that leaves us. Rangers virtually do not exist in this state but money wastage certainly does. I think Innes should be saved from being privatised completely. Yes, privatisation has its place but the whole lot, surely not. Parks belong to the people, they are not there to be flogged by private industry! I am interested to know what other people think of this, perhaps I am mistaken in believing that this is NOT what Australians want for their parks. Most staff don’t even know that this has been proposed.
  • Gary Weir
    commented 2014-02-01 19:10:18 +1030
    We are lucky in some respects here in the NT that rangers are classified as front line staff and hence “protected”. I feel for my colleagues in SA and can only hope that the pollies see the intrinsic link between tourism and our parks and seek to again bolster numbers in recognition of this.
  • Norman Browne
    commented 2014-01-30 17:09:28 +1030
    In the late 1970’s ranger numbers in South Australia were about 100, at that stage about 3% of the State was reserved as National Park. By 2005 the reserve system reached over 23% of the state and Ranger numbers reached 112. They have now been cut to 86 and many have been down graded to minor ranks. Units like the Investigation Compliance Group have all but been closed down. Almost all of the wildlife and ecology specialists have gone.