MEDIA RELEASE: Now even community volunteers in State Budget sights

17 June 2014

Thursday’s State Budget is expected to target thousands of community volunteers looking after nature, says the state’s peak environmental organisation.

With savage funding cuts to the environment already significantly reducing Park Ranger positions, it is now expected that the Natural Resource Management Community Grants program, a tiny $1.5-$2.5million fund for volunteer groups, is set to be terminated.

“If the Federal Government and the State Government are slashing environmental staff and services, and now support for invaluable volunteers is being cut, who do we expect is going to be out there doing the on-ground work to protect and maintain our natural spaces?” Conservation Council SA Chief Executive Craig Wilkins said.

“With our governments turning their back on the environment, this grants program is a cheap, effective way to help the community do this priceless work for free.

"We expect our State Government to look after our collective backyard. This means an appropriate commitment and investment into the people working to protect and maintain it."

The SA Environment Department faces devastating funding cuts of 40%.

Release Ends

Conservation Council SA Chief Executive Craig Wilkins will be in the state budget lockup and available for comment.

More Information on the termination of the Natural Resource Management Community Grants:

Media contact: Meg Sobey, on 0411 028 930

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